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        Thank you for joining us!

        Stay tuned for the launch of Write for Rights 2022 in October!  

        You’re already changing lives through Write for Rights 2021.
        Learn how >>> 

        Every year around Human Rights Day on December 10th Amnesty International supporters around the world send letters, emails and petitions in support of people at risk of human rights abuses.

        In 2020, we took 4,496,875 actions. Our letters changed lives.

        Homepage – MEET OUR 2018 SES

        MEET OUR 2021 SES

        Homepage – HOW IT WORKS

        How Write for Rights Works

        1. Amnesty identifies people and communities at risk of human rights abuses worldwide, who need solidarity and justice.
        2. We pick ses where global activism n make a huge difference, rights now.
        3. We share them with Amnesty offices worldwide.
        4. Activists organize amazing events and actions around the ses.
        5. People worldwide write letters, tweets, emails and sign petitions.
        6. Messages start arriving at government offices, prison cells, family homes.
        7. Change happens and hope grows! Prisoners get better conditions and n be released.
        8. Amnesty receives updates showing that people's actions are making a difference!

        Homepage – SIGN UP

        On December 10, Let’s Show the World is Watching.